Thursday, July 10, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

The flowers on my porch that surround the Blessed Mother.  This particular statue has been in many places over the years, has survived many a move, and always fills the space with a reminder of the serenity of Our Lady, the prettiest of the pretty.  

As we gear up for another summer Patchwork Theater production, I looked back on last year's performance of Julius Caesar and how great that cast was to work with.  Sigh!  Theater makes me happy.

Youngest Child took a great interest in Ghandi when we were studying the countries of Asia.  When he wore this impromptu costume we made from a sheet and an old pair of glasses, I was struck by how much he did look like him - in a healthy, pudgey sort of way.  = )  I could not stop laughing.  

Eureka!  My first ever attempt at canning anything!  Dill pickles!  The City Mouse goes country!!  Next...........JAM!

round button chicken

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