Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Amazing Midwest

This past week we were entertaining Oldest Child's college friends from California, Johnny and Martin.

In showing them our home, we have discovered that the Midwest is cool after all.  Some of the unique features that we sometimes take for granted were enthusiastically  pointed out by Johnny and Martin.  We have fireflies, or lightning bugs.  Johnny was enthralled by them as they flew up from the grass at the park at dusk.  He couldn't get enough of them.  Lightning Bugs....I never thought of that.  Not a one in California.

A Byzantine Basilica right in the heart of St. Louis.  Both Johnny and Martin were skeptical at best when we told them about our Cathedral....all of theirs in California apparently look modern and plain so they weren't prepared for the gorgeous mosaics and the solemn, incense filled air of our beautiful Cathedral.  A definite jewel of the Midwest.  Martin was especially ohhing and ahhing as his camera clicked and clicked.  I need to remember to give thanks for such a jewel so close to home.  We tend to forget the treasures we possess in our back yards.

And finally, THUNDERSTORMS!  We had a quintessential beauty on the night before they went home.  This storm came complete with lightning, golf ball sized hail, and wind!  They sat on our back porch and just marveled like little kids.  They even ran out in the hail and collected all the ice balls.  It made me laugh inside with joy that something so everyday for us here could be such a source of wonder for a Californian.  Amid all the fires, earthquakes, droughts, and torrential winter rains, Californians don't get much of a thunderstorm to speak of.  I think Martin remembers only one up in the mountains once.

Real Estate prices.  They were both awed at how much house you can buy here with comparatively little money.  They really liked the brick houses and the tall oak and elm trees.

So it was quite nice to be reminded that the Midwest is beautiful, surprising, and well......COOL.   The Californians confirmed it, and we have always known it.

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