Friday, July 18, 2014

Some honeyed words of grace

I have always dearly loved this passage from Isaac of Stella, a Cistercian Monk, whose gentleness and content in God seem to sweetly seep almost tangibly from his words.  If the written word can be said to exude the fragrant oil of peace, I experience it so often in the early Cistercian writings.

  "Blessed is the soul that never forgets nor lets go of the Child Jesus.  More blessed still, that soul which ever meditates on the grown Jesus.  But most blessed is that soul which ever contemplates the immense Jesus.
  Scripture says, "the son of Abraham grew and became very great." Isaac means laughter. And so, my brother, let the Son of God grow in thee, and from thee, for He is formed in thee. Let Him become immense in thee, and may He become to thee a great smile and exultation and perfect joy, which no man can take from thee. "
-Abbot Isaac of Stella

Another very lovely find is this book by Father Lovasik.  He, too, exudes peace but in a different way.  He is very clear, very practical, very kind.  This book will make you squirm at times as it hits very close to home about those nasty little habits that lead to unkindness.  At other times it is very comforting as it gives such great, straightforward advice.  I have always loved Fr. Lovasik's children's books as we journeyed through home schooling.  But this one is quite special and addresses many things that women especially should think about more in depth.
And last, but not least, this incredible book by John Lynch...I read it all through Lent one year and again grace seems to exude quite palpably from it.  It brings Our Blessed Mother's beauty right to your heart and lingers quite awhile in your thoughts.  Try it.  You will see.

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