Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Table for the Oratory books...

As I read further in  MAKING A LITTLE ORATORY, Leila suggests a table or shelf near the oratory to hold Bibles and special devotional books.  I had this old kitchen shelf that my dad had made me long ago when Tony and I were first married. It had served well as extra counter space in one of those small, city apartment kitchens.  Creative Child wanted a project this summer, so he very graciously painted it forest green for me.  We topped it with two wonderful Monk bookends that we found in a Cave Tour gift shop.  They are made of Missouri stone.  These are very precious to me, because when Creative Child goes off to the seminary this fall, he is going to bring one of the monks with him.  That way we will be reminded to pray for him and he for us when we look at the monks.   

Leila also suggests a beautiful journal to record all the prayer intentions that have come our way.  Youngest Child gave me this pretty journal for Christmas and I have been saving it for something special as  he must have saved all his pennies to buy it to bring me joy.  It would be a fitting thing to record our prayer intentions.

I am still thinking about the incense.  Has anyone done that and could you share your thoughts?

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