Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Our hike this past week end was very different from our Missouri hills hike.  We crossed over into Illinois and visited a small island near Horseshoe Lake.

The trail meandered through sunny meadows with the water close to the trail.



Then we suddenly found ourselves in the woods with trees very close on both sides.  It was a hot day full of wetland smells.  There were cornfields filled with birds who would fly up suddenly all together in a cheerful abandon.  We heard robins, cardinals, and a mysterious bird we could not spot.  Butterflies abounded.  It was a long hike - just a bit farther than our comfort level - which is the sign of a good hike, Tony assures me.

We made it the whole way around the island and it was worth it.  It felt so good to feel that distinctively hot Midwest Sun with the smell of lake water floating intermittently across our path.

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