Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

The changing of the coffee cups.  
I suppose I love pageantry and ritual just a "little" and it trickles 
right down to my coffee cups!  I change them out when the summer is over and as we start our school year.  Then I change to Christmas, Valentine month, spring, and back to summer again.  It is a nice way for me to remember people, events, trips we have taken and so on. As I sip my coffee, I reminisce. Today was the day of the coffee cup parade!
The summer cups go up in the cupboard

Fall leaves, and Leonardo with the King mug as we call it
The fall school cups come down

A big meaty sandwich for lunch.

The Math book was waiting after lunch. Sigh.

I giggle every time I see this pencil holder on my schoolroom desk.  This came from an incredible little store piled high with quirky pottery and odds and ends.  I love those kind of stores!

A great first week of school!  Latin quizzes complete, one very nice descriptive paragraph, history read, math finished.  

But as the fall activities approach,

we will need to keep up this pace!  Ah, the ever present juggling act of school and activities.  But for now, I will blissfully bask in my end of August efficiency!

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