Sunday, August 31, 2014

And now........a word from the chef!

My husband Tony loves to cook dinners...he loves to putter about in the kitchen.  He views this as food for his soul and a way to relax from the stresses of computers all day.  So, who am I to get in the way of that?  I do have a vital part to play, however, in this soul therapy.  I provide him with cookbooks!  Here he is in his own words...........

 "We want meat!" the younger boys say at each supper.
"Well, you can't always have meat," I say.  Meat prices keep rising.  And I need to watch my cholesterol. 
So we retrieved a cookbook Denise had gotten me months earlier, "Super Foods" by Lee Holmes.  (Denise gets cookbooks now and then to be sure our round of suppers doesn't get stale.  The "French Slow Cooker" and the "Cucina Provera" had been immediate and long term hits with her chef. But a book about "super" foods, come on.)

Without pondering the superness of the foods and without hunting up all organic provisions, I have been including a couple of suppers a week from this book.  They tend to be very colorful, flavorful and to include lots of chopping and grating.  Lots of chopping and grating.  But that's what kids are for.

And what is with coconut oil?  Many recipes here call for it and I've noticed other cookbooks include it as well.  It is loaded with saturated fats, it is very expensive.  We tried one jar of it and it makes dishes taste like... well, like coconut.

Anyway, last night and pictured here we fixed a colorful "anti-oxidant salad" (catchy name) with peppers, red onion and lots of tomatoes (and chopping).

And we had "salmon & turnip" patties (lots of grating of zucchini and turnips) that turned out better than I expected.  (I expected them to fall apart.)  Ms. Holmes said the turnip would help the patties cohere and I guess it did.
And just because it is amazing stuff.......we got real, creamy, amazing Chocolate Milk from Oberweis!

And tomorrow night?  Roasted corn on the grill.  Here it is soaking!

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