Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The perks of last minute costume shopping

In our mad dash around the thrift store for last minute costumes like Hawaiian shirts, psychadelic 60s dresses, boots, and wigs.............I took my usual detour to the dishes aisle "just to look".  And here is what I found!  AND it was dollar days.........only the pitcher cost more than a dollar.  Very exciting!  I felt like I was doing my part to give these lovely dishes a new lease on the Victorian lifestyle they are used to.  That's my excuse and I'm going with it! 

The perfect Thanksgiving tray!  Even better, I found a round one last year just like it.  Now I have a set!  What are the odds?

Ahhhh.....isn't it just pretty!

I love this lace runner that was buried under  several napkins in the linens aisle.

I am sure this is a salad cruet, but it has now become the perfect setting for some Zinneas I hope to get at the Farmer's market before summer is over.  The tray is a dessert plate from a set of dishes.  

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