Thursday, September 18, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Bibliophiles!

The flowers on my back porch dancing in the cool wind of "almost autumn".  


A long, lost, favorite book rediscovered in print! There is nothing  like that kind of bliss to a Bibliophile.  Top it off with a quiet room, the breeze lifting the curtain, and a strong cup of bold roast coffee, AND time to read!  Glory be to God for bliss like this!


Yes, I let Active Child get an earring.  I wouldn't do this for just anyone - but with his hair, his handsome face, and his manly attitude, he makes bling look really tough!  Plus, he is a great, responsible kid with a loving heart.  


Speaking of responsible......and also of time flying....Active Child has a JOB as a ref for our soccer organization.  What!? Yesterday, he was eating dirt out in the back yard and jumping off swing sets to hear me squeal in fear.  Sigh!  Even the "little guys" are getting big.
 Here he is in his ref uniform.  This face is the adolescent BOY face.  He does smile, and often, but for pictures it's all "cool" or nothing!

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