Thursday, September 25, 2014

P,H,F, R......This and That

The colors of autumn peeking out at last.  

Caramel.......and should be a major food group...I'm just sayin'


A tour of Youngest Child's room as I was picking up his laundry.  Do you notice a theme here?

This is a colossal painting that a fun uncle painted for my boys long ago.  It has been handed down from one to the next until it made its way to Youngest child.  It looks great on a wall!

His Prized collection of ballparks!

This is Billy the ball...he has been used in many a nerf battle upstairs in the boy's domain!  He still looks pretty good for all that.  


The way books used to be bound.  I remember these being on my Dad's desk in his office when I was young and even then I was in awe of the person who bound them.  Books are an art form both in words and in presentation.  If I were younger, I would choose to be a book binder! (Well, in addition to a storm chaser, meteorologist, and theater owner....) ah, those dreams are still there. 


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Old books are really just fantastic!
    Thanks for reading!