Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Drama Faces

I love watching the faces of my drama kids as they work to perfect their characters, and learn their lines, and help create blocking with me.  Today we are in the middle of  an adaptation of "Shakespearean Star Wars"...quite, quite funny and my cast is enjoying it immensely.  

 I am continually amazed at the tremendous benefits of drama.......team work, memory work, confidence building, leadership, camaraderie.  I have had very young teens acting very deep and mature roles with penache and confidence.  I have had kids who swore they would only work backstage, who suddenly catch the acting bug and pull off an incredible performance.  There is nothing like watching young people transform into seasoned actors over the years.  There is nothing like drama for me.  In it, I catch a glimpse of the truth in the saying:   "the glory of God is a man fully alive"!  St. John Paul II knew this kind of passion for acting. It is very comforting that there are acting saints in Heaven.  I long to bring God's grace to others through this medium as they did.  

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