Thursday, October 30, 2014

{P,H,F,R} A Happy New Space

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, and Real}

Slowly but surely the new location of our schoolroom has become a cozy, familiar place to be for all of us.  I like having it upstairs as it is away from the kitchen, the computer room, and other distracting opportunities.  Since we live in a converted two family flat, the house has some very unique qualities..... stained glass, lots of windows and open space.  Rooms are used for all kinds of things for which they were not intended.  These two rooms have been boys' messy  bedrooms for most of their present life.....home of nerf wars, stacks of books, toys, papers, and cluttered with all the fascinating things collected by interesting young men.  But I decided to give these sunny rooms a break from bedroom duty and have promoted them to the august title of schoolroom.  The actual schoolroom proper (in reality, the living room of the upstairs apartment) was set up before we started school in August.  The second room (in reality the adjoining dining room of the apartment) has become the sitting room for reading and praying. 

Today, I began to set up the schoolroom oratory there.  Now, we DO have our downstairs oratory already, but I thought it would be nice to be able to pray together and do our religion upstairs near this space.  And if truth be told, it is quite practical (and necessary) to stay upstairs most of the school day to keep from wandering away into pleasanter fields like the kitchen or computer room....both for students and their mom!  
I found these nice shelves at a thrift store for $3.00 each and thought they would be perfect for our purposes.  Tony, who is quite good at putting things up straight on a wall ( I am convinced there is a special muse for this knack), kindly obliged me last night.  So, here you have it.  The schoolroom oratory!  It is pretty, happy, and real.  And the people who pray and work in it are most times funny.  
I started with a piece of fine linen that I was able to get at our Church picnic country store.  It was made by a lovely older lady with lots of love and perfection.

My dad cut out and made this crucifix for me long ago.  It has been in my life since my teens and I treasure it very much. My sister, who is very crafty, made me this blessed palm weaving.

Our Beautiful Mother and the Baby Jesus
St Joseph, patron of families

Always St. Michael.  Prince of light and brave deeds.

A lovely view outside the oratory window

This Madonna and Child came from Alaska.  I am not much of one for icons, but their faces are so beautiful.  I would like to know more about the icon and the spirituality that goes with it.
It is such a joy to honor BLESSED Pope Paul VI this month in our new oratory.  Such a brave and honorable man.

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