Friday, October 31, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Halloween

Joining up at Seven Quick Takes today...........

1.  Today is Halloween and for the first time in 24 years, my husband and I will be trick-or-treater-less.  How very strange.  More than that, we will be going out to dinner....alone.......just the two of us........without kids........all three kids left at home are going to parties.  This is like being in an alternate universe.....or somewhat like hearing the eerie music when Tolkien's Elves are going on to the undying lands.."the time of the Elves is over"....well, okay, not THAT bad.  

2.  But we STILL decorate!  Youngest child is very enthusiastic about that!  And we still go down to the cellar and bring up the big orange and black tub filled with Halloween! 

3.  We put out the wonderful spider, the pumpkins, the myriad of things we've collected over the years.  There is still something so cool about a glowing pumpkin.

4.  And the next day will be All Saints Day.  We will put out all the saints we can find!  I got these wonderful saint cards somewhere along the line and we just put them wherever we can in the house.  It gives us that sense of "a great cloud of witnesses" surrounding us.

5.  I have to say, I DO miss my four older kids who are off at college or are all grown up.  I am feeling kind of blue right now about that....but life moves on and I look forward to seeing what they all will do with their lives.  I have to keep that aspect of having children in front of me all the time...they are not mine, but belong to God.

6.  Trees!  Can't get enough of them right now.  

7.  "October's bright blue weather".  Blessed be God.

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