Sunday, October 19, 2014


Oh, the quiet joy that fills this day, knowing that Pope Paul VI has been declared Blessed by the Church he served so well.  Everything about him is something quiet, calm, prayerful, truly humble and hidden, kind, honest, and COURAGEOUS!  Here is a man I can hold up for my children who are looking for a hero.  Youngest Child, after reading the adventures of the early saints, once lamented that there is no longer opportunity to suffer the way they did.  Facing lions, the rack, stonings with courage and vigor seemed to my son the way to truly prove to yourself that you believed and loved God above all others.  Today I could point out to him that Blessed Paul VI had to face inner lions, and the jeers and complaints of even his own flock A LOT for defending the teachings of the Church.  To be ridiculed and belittled is also a kind of martyrdom with a cross that is quite heavy.  I think we will face those kind of martyrdoms more and more in the future.  But there is one in Heaven this day who understands and prays for us, for families, for children..... Blessed Pope Paul VI, 
pray for us!

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