Thursday, October 23, 2014

{P,H,F,R} Fall Break


Summer meets fall right here on the back porch.  My begonias didn't get the memo that summer is over!  They absolutely refuse to leave!  Hurrah, say I.  The colors all mixed together are amazing.  It is rather interesting that the colors on our trees this year are very different than they were last year.  I would love to study trees someday.  Really study them.  No wonder Tolkien made them into Ents...they have such a noble quality about them.  

Kids are home....we are recording music, composing music, solving all the world's problems over coffee and conversation.....thrifting til we drop...and finding a fabulous formal dress for the Winter bash at Lovely Daughter's school.  Reading, going to Mass all together, watching movies at night.  Simple stuff...but it makes for happy.

some fall bling at the thrift store
coffee pot got a work out this week

Poor Active Child is down with a massive cold.  But does this make him less cool?  NO!  I found him here on the sofa asleep in quintessential coolness.  He just cracks me up.


The Cardinals did not make the World Series, alas. Youngest Child is disconsolate!  He is taking comfort in watching highlights on NLB of a brighter time for the Red Birds in earlier summer.  Winter is long for Youngest baseball until the spring thaw!  Sigh! 

 Happy Fall, Everyone!

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