Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PHFR post season!

My Mom with her namesake and God Daughter
So, my dear Mom's birthday was last week and I had a little party for her on Saturday.  She is 94 and goes in and out of recognizing all of her  children.  Sometimes it can be so charming who she thinks we are...friends from childhood, her sister (some of us look very much like her two sisters), her mom.......but one thing she always loves and knows is a party.  She had some beautiful parties when she was a younger mom.  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving....she just did it right. And there are always fresh flowers.

 So, I always try to do it right in her honor!  Happy birthday to my pretty amazing Mom.  


Cardinal's insania! Youngest Child goes crazy happy.  Get out the Oreo's and the Apple's the post season!  Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals.

This is me trying to get one of those incredible, leap in the air moments on film. By the end of this photo session, we were laughing very hard. Uh....yes........well, I won't quit my day job to become an action photographer. 


Cleaning my house for the aforementioned party, I was struck, when dusting, how lovely all those things are that have been on the hutches and the tables and the shelves in the house all these years. Sometimes I forget to look at them.  

 I decided to really look at them closely as I dusted. It was a fun and very enlightening exercise.  How nice you all look, remembered things!

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