Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For Today......

Linking up to the Simple Woman's Day Book today........

Outside my are playing a game and delightfully screaming and cheering because they can!

I am thinking about the humility of Jesus when the scribes and Pharisees are trying to trip Him up and get Him to contradict small they seemed!  It is always a comfort to me that Jesus knows what it is like to be attacked by the worldly.

I am thankful for my new dishwasher and those amazing little packets of soap that you just put in and mess!  I am in LOVE.

In the kitchen........Dancing Child is trying another Japanese recipe to put in his Bento Box for lunch at co op.

This is the prettiest lunchbox ever

I am wearing jeans and a peachy flowered big shirt.

I am creating some set pieces and a stage set for my upcoming play:  Shakespearean Star Wars.

I am going to drive my two boys to basketball try outs....

I am wondering how all my children at college are doing today.

I am reading........THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF JANET ERSKINE STUART.  by Maud Monahan.  Truly inspired thoughts and spiritual comfort for my soul from a true soul mate.

I am hoping the heat goes away soon so I can decide when and if I can take out the fall and winter clothes.......Thunderheads are forming in the southwest as I write so maybe they bring coolness.

I am learning to throw in the towel sometimes and give it to God.

Around the house.........we are cleaning and putting out some fall flowers.  I am hosting a birthday party for my 94 year old Mom.  And she still loves a good party.

I am pondering.........the good results of home schooling in my children's minds.  Once in awhile you get a glimmer of genius there and it keeps you going.  Home schooling is definitely not for the faint of heart but it is so worth it.

One of my favorite things..........caramel on apples.  You know you want some! Oh, and the swirl that cream makes when you first pour it into a coffee cup.  Yes, I am easily amused.

A peek into my day...........

Fall Mums that need to be planted to replace...........

"Worn out summer" in my planter.........

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