Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jesus, God in Gold

I love this poem.  I read it every autumn.  It is a perfect thing.  I share it here with you all.

Under the Goldwood Tree

I have brought back with me today
From the gold arches down one street
The sense of having scorched my face
With too much leaning into heat
Hour after hour.
This side and that, white clapboard walls
Glowed amber with the lamplight cast
From vaulting of gold fire.  My cheeks
Burned happy, flame-lit, as I passed
Under each bower.

One moment I will keep for years,
When over me one tree, all sun,
Soared dome like, and I stepped inside
God's mind, the breathless awe, the One
Who thinks in gold.
My face still burns from that fierce dome,
Or as it burns when I bend low 
Close over Jesus in the Mass
That radiant slake, that luminous O
By God ensouled.

Could I but keep that smouldering sense 
Of too much gazing into light!
If joy is looking up to God,
Oh, may that vision, scorching bright,
burn gold in me
Here in time's shadows, and my face
Show golden shining of desire.
"Where got you that irradiant look?"
"Down from God's mind:  the Dome of Fire,
The Golden Tree."

Dark Father, Root and Bough, the Son,
The eternal Burgeon, for our fall
Made golden Jesus; and the hushed 
Enduring Spirit shaping all 
In Folded rest
My love to Each, But ah! that WORD
Through Whom God's inmost thoughts are told,
He dazzles and puts out my eyes
with beauty....Jesus, God in gold.
Him I love best!

Father John Duffy, C.SS.R.



  1. I stumbled across your blog by accident....although I don't really believe in accidents, and I love your photography and poetry and pictures of your sweet family! Thanks for brightening up my afternoon!

  2. That was a happy accident! Thank you for reading! Have a great week!