Monday, November 10, 2014

For Today: November Blows In

Linking up with The Simple Woman's Day Book today..........


Outside my window..........a bright yellow tree is being blown fiercely by the wind.....but the leaves are managing to hang on.  It is quite a sight!  I feel like that sometimes.........

I am thinking props, props, props and sets, sets,sets for my upcoming play......two weeks before the show and my mind is whirling with scripts, and paint and costumes and rehearsal schedules......whew!  It is drama season!

I am thankful.........that one son called me tonight and is doing well at college, another son sent me a picture of the fish he caught yesterday, and another son came over to write a musical score for my play.  Fun afternoon.

I am wearing electric blue fleece and long black pants.

I am creating some Thanksgiving around the house.  I LOVE Thanksgiving!  That poor, lonesome holiday that gets shoved out of the way to make way for Christmas decorations in every store I see.  There is so much warmth and love in Thanksgiving mustn't be forgotten!!

I am going to the symphony this coming week.........An ALL Beethoven Concert.  My favorite!  Can't wait.

I am I will get everything done tomorrow!

I am reading.......Holiness For Housewives by Dom Hubert Van Zeller.  I like his straightforward and simple way of writing.  Much to ponder and think about.

I am really deepen a love for my vocation as a wife, teacher, and mother in very practical ways.

Around the house my husband fixed a dining room bench for me today, I put away my Halloween decorations and I got out my corn Pilgrims......I love my corn Pilgrims...

In the kitchen.........pork steaks, white beans and salad.

A favorite quote of the day:    "The first necessity is to find in your soul a respect for your vocation.  Once you have this sense of mission, this sense of dedication to a cause more worthwhile than any purely personal claim, the rest can follow.....Prayer, self sacrifice, loyalty, perseverance, and in fact the whole list, come spontaneously to the soul who concentrates upon the vocation immediately present and refuses to look at the vocation over the hill."  Dom Hubert Van Zeller

One of my favorite things...........that first gush of fresh air when you open a window on a windy day.

A peek into my day...............



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier today. It is always fun to get to know others better! You have a beautiful blog...I especially love the background and everything is very easy on the eyes. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving decorations...LOVE the corn Pilgrims! Have a wonderful week...think props, props, props!

  2. I love Thanksgiving as well! I need to dig out my decorations as well...maybe tomorrow! Have a great week!

  3. I love everything about this post! Holiness for Housewives is one of my favorite books - learning to be faithful in my calling is what will glorify Him most! I have the same feelings in regards to Thanksgiving as well. <3 Have a lovely week may Jesus be magnified as you serve others in your home.

    1. Thank you, Theresa. Let's pray for each other. Isn't that book amazing?!

  4. Stopped by from The Simple Woman. I have corn pilgrims as well.

  5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all of them!!!

    1. Hi Paula..thanks for stopping by! Us Thanksgiving lovers need to stick together!

  6. You still have leaves on your trees?!! Ours have been bare since mid October, I'm just a little jealous that you still get to enjoy fall colors!