Thursday, November 13, 2014

{P,H,F,R} Cold, Early Mornings

{Pretty and Happy}
Out my kitchen window on this cold morning the tree outside is still hanging on to its leaves.  It is the prettiest tree on the block.  The city also looks so peaceful in the early morning when no one is out yet. There are no sirens or trucks rumbling, or people hurrying.  And as Wordsworth once said so aptly, "...and all that mighty heart is lying still."

 {Funny and Real}

Early morning rituals.  Checking the scores.

Eggs cooking.  Dancing Child makes a mean scrambled egg with bacon  bits.
No matter what time of day.......he's always ready with something.

So, just in case they land a record deal, we have a photo for the CD cover!  Can you tell it was cold in our drafty house?  Hoods up everywhere!

Oh, and here is Bob Cratchet working in his office!  We haven't taken out the space heater yet. 

And God bless us Every One!

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