Monday, December 15, 2014

For Today: A bit of a Lull

Joining up with Simple Woman's Daybook today:

Outside my window..........rainy, a spring shower.

I am thinking........when someone expresses gratitude, no matter how just makes life worth living.  Gratitude is such a powerful thing.  When received, it makes you feel like you have a place in someone's heart.  That you are not invisible.  Amazing thing, gratitude.

I am thankful for the gift of FAITH.  I wish I had more!

I am wearing jeans, a denim tunic, and bare feet.

I am creating......not yet.....this is the lull before the decorating storm, when my lovely daughter comes home from college.  For now, school with the younger I suppose we are creating knowledge!

I am a Christmas concert and a Mass at the high school where I teach this week.  We have a scola this year, and I am anxious to hear what they have been working on. We also hosted a basketball team from Australia on Saturday.  We had a great time!

I am wondering.........this is anyone figured out that pomegranates were edible.  They look so crazy on the outside and inside they have this incredibly beautiful fruit.  I would have liked to be the first person to discover that surprise. WOW!

I am reading.......the major salvation history stories with my children:  Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses.   One very nice perk about home schooling is that you read these stories over and over each year with each child.  You discover many different facets in the lives of the Patriarchs.  Just what you need to see each year. 

I am hoping for cold, cold weather!

Around the scent is wafting from the kitchen and all the fixings for dinner's spaghetti sauce are on the counter calling me to the stove! 

A favorite quote for the day:
"Be born Holy Child, in our unholy hearts".

A few plans for this week....welcoming the first college child home today...from seminary.  Welcoming home lovely daughter from Virginia on Friday.....and Thoughtful Child from California on Saturday.  Sunday?  Full House - all nine..Christmas will be lovely.

A peek into one of my days. 

One of my wonderful friend Mary's creations!  I am giving it to my Mother-in-Law for Christmas!


  1. Loved getting into your day! What a FULL HOUSE and JOY you will have when everyone is home! Love BIG family gatherings! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My menu weeks are messed up... I too am usually making spaghetti on Monday's, but not this week.