Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Joining up today with Ten on Tuesday.

Ten things I would write about us in a Christmas letter for this past year:

1.  We bought a hiking book and started taking hikes all over the area.  We even made it to the Intermediate Section and hopped a few boulders.  And yes, we are still alive!

2.  Oldest Child got a great job, paid off his car, and is researching adventures abroad to go on.  He has also discovered that fishing is quite fun!  He has also reached domestic heights and now owns a crock pot.  Oh, and did I mention that he had an album release concert!

3.  Creative Child graduated from high school, finished acting in his 37th play, entered the Diocesan Seminary, had a great semester, started drinking coffee which makes him an elder in our secret family society,   and is now sitting right here helping me remember all the events of the past year.

4. I managed to direct many plays that took us from Communist 60's Russia, to Prince Edward Island, to a Galaxy far, far away at.... Stratford on Avon.....WOW what a ride!
5. The Lovely Daughter changed her major from Theater to Political Science, transferred to a college in Virginia with a great Political Science program...... and promptly got the lead in the fall play.  Now, isn't that Ironic...........

6. Active Child joined a great basketball team and is honing his already great skills, which he absolutely did not inherit from me, (his one-basket-in-her-whole-career mother).......he  just played a tournament with a visiting team from Australia.  Great fun to hear their national anthem, and serve them up some gooey butter cake and toasted ravioli...St. Louis specialties!  They were especially enamored by our pink lemonade mix and brownies. 

7.  Thoughtful Child is writing his senior thesis as we speak and will graduate this year from college.  He has also landed his dream role of Iago in Shakespeare's Othello.

8.  Dancing Child is wearing many hats this year at the annual Nutcracker extravaganza at his Dance Studio:  Fritz, A mouse, Candy Cane Corps.  Always a December favorite that gets us in the Christmas Spirit.
9.  The Patriarch, Tony is working hard to fund all the above!  He reads many history books, still loves banana bread, still likes Hawaiian shirts,  serves on the Parish Council, and organized a Parish Picnic without any previous experience.  Turned out pretty great.  He, being a big spender, also showed me our future home: a sod house.

10.  We are all still here, we have all kept the faith, and we are all still running the race....some of us a little more slowly than others as of late. 

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