Monday, December 8, 2014

For Today: From wreaths to cups!

Joining up with the Simple Woman's Daybook today!

Outside my window........the happy, Boy Scout-Fund Raising-Wreath is hanging on the door....Sold to me this year by a very enterprising young Scout who is destined for a career in sales!  He was GOOD!

I am thinking.....that if we could REALLY get into our heads that this world is not the world we were destined to live in forever, but only the pilgrim land we travel to GET to the place we belong, we might look at everything so differently and hold onto useless things less tightly, and maybe laugh at circumstances more often.  I pray it REALLY gets into my head!

I am thankful.....for the unique qualities of each of my kids.  They each have that one special gift all their own that shows me the many faceted face of "the glory of God.....Man fully alive".

I am wearing.......wonderful new socks.  I love socks.  They are the inexpensive way of making your shoes look new!

I am creating.....sort of.......wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards, putting the Jesse Tree ornaments up on our Jesse Tree........I like the Isaac ornament best!

I am going....... nowhere! Yipee! (well, maybe to some basketball games).  But mostly home, doing school with the kiddos.

I am wondering..........if Abraham was ever afraid he had heard wrong while he was traveling from Ur to Canaan. His faith was so pure!!!   I so love Abraham!  He was so kind to Lot, who was such a brat by the way!  He gave him first choice of land, he rescued him from prison......just a kind and loving man.  I hope to meet him one day in Heaven. 

I am (still) reading.....the Life and Letters of Mother Janet Stuart.

I am see all my kids under one roof very very soon!!

Around the house.........hiding presents, singing Advent hymns, reading Advent stories, ordering lovely secrets on Amazon! 

In the kitchen.......sourdough bread, turkey hash, and some lovely Chardonnay. 

A favorite quote for the day......."The best way to acquire true dignity is to wash one's own clothes and boil one's own pot."  St. Francis Xavier 

One of my favorite things.........truly exquisite wrapping paper.  I am like a kid in a candy store when I pass by the bins with all the rolls.........

A few plans for this week.......aforementioned basketball games, attending the Advent Novena at my son's seminary, going to see A Christmas Carol at the theater!  Hurrah!  I love live theater.  

A peek into one of my days...........the annual, December 6th changing of the coffee cups to Christmas!


  1. Hello Denise, I'm visiting with you from The Simple Woman Daybook. You have a lovely blog...and love the way you think about getting it into our heads that we are just pilgrims passing through t o our eternal home. Oh my...if we could REALLY get that into our heads what a different life we would live. I'm working on it, but have SO far to go!

    1. Oh Dianna, let us pray for each other as fellow pilgrims! Thank you for coming by for a cyber visit!

  2. You have some beautiful cups! I love coffee cups and your winter collection is very beautiful! It seems like the Christmas spirit is in full swing at your house today!

  3. Love all of your pictures! Have a great week!

  4. Hi Felicia! Thanks for stopping by. It's so fun to get visitors! Coffee cups ARE so fun.

  5. I adore your mugs!

  6. The wreath is very pretty and love the cups.