Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pure, unadulterated impulse buy!

So, imagine my snickering horror when I pulled this out of the grocery bags?

  "WHAT is this?" I inquire of my usually frugal, stoic, grocery shopper husband.  He just smiles sheepishly.  
"You fell for the old end cap impulse buy trick?" I said with wondering awe.   Was it the Christmas spirit?  Was it the old notalgia for the good old days of Red Zingers.......that tasty artificial goo wrapped in garish red coconut.....a childhood favorite of my husband's.  On further examination, I also uncover a can of frosting....the kind with....CONFETTI attached to the top.  I sit now in total shock!  

But clearly I begin to see that he has quickly enlisted accomplices who are all enthusiasm for this one of a kind......
Dr Suess-esque...........cake. 

They are soon joined together with mixer in hand in this vast, green/red conspiracy 

 They mix, they pour (I think I hear a low mumbling coming from my husband's direction........."hmmm, looks sort of like.....paint". 

Into the oven it goes and on the racks to cool. 

On goes the frosting and here comes the confetti.  Voila!  The green and red horror of sweetness.  It really must be a guy thing! But will I ever let him forget it?  Hmmm.

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