Monday, January 19, 2015

For Today: Monday Musings

Outside my window............bright blue sky, and 60's weather are calling to us like sirens.  But must stick to school, must stick to school....tie us to the MAST! 

I am happy I am that I found some great recipes for a banana cake and a ham casserole to use up a great bunch of bananas and Saturday Night's ham.  The banana cake was especially nice with whipped cream.

I am thankful.............. Martin Luther King had a dream!

I am wearing my handy dandy, tried and true, warm and toasty, blue fleece jacket.

I am creating........or helping Youngest Child to create........a narration of a story.  I type and he dictates.  He is a very nice narrator.  Very descriptive.

I am bed early tonight.  Lots of running around and late nights in the past few weeks. 

I am coffee beans are grown and roasted.  I think I shall look that up today.

I am learning..........the Third Declension adjectives in Latin.

Around the house........Tony is sweeping the kitchen floor, Dancing Child must be dancing on the floor above me (plunk step step plunk), and the Christmas things are put away.  

In the kitchen.........chicken stock is filling the air with its own particular flavor of comfort.  

A favorite quote for the day......Seen in the window of a Cafe:
There are days where that is most true for me.

 I am reading......nothing much this week, alas.

One of my favorite things:    the smell of Coffee brewing mixed with a cake baking in the oven. 

A few plans for this week...........drama class, Mass, orthodontist appointments, basketball games and practices.

A peek into my day:  Lovely Daughter goes back to college. Sniff.   

How many hugs can I give him before he makes this face?  Hmmm. 

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  1. Mmmmm banana cake! And the chicken dish looks yummy!! Cute kiddos! Have a great week!