Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: Things I am happy about right now

Joining up with Carol at Ten on Tuesday:

1.  Coffee with Cream and people to talk with  over coffee and cream.

2.  My college kids are all doing well in school and loving it!  

3.  I have been gifted by my husband with a week end  trip to go see Thoughtful Child perform in Shakespeare's Othello and perhaps as a bonus I will be able to attend his Senior Thesis Defense.  So excited!!!

4.  Spring play begins rehearsals today!  Happy, Happy!   "Little Women of Orchard House" is a lovely play. 

5.  Youngest Child would like to chime in that Spring Training in Jupiter is one day closer!

6.  The January thaw weather floating through the open windows.  

7.  Watching Active Child play basketball - he runs like the wind and floats those balls in the basket!       It really is awesome to watch.

8.  Talking with and being around young people with deep thoughts, huge dreams, and enthusiasm.  

9.  The sound of the Oboe and all the composers who wrote music for the Oboe - especially Handel.

10.  Dancing Child's photos from his Photography class.  He loves it and is taking some great pics!            Here is one.


  1. I miss the days of watching my daughter plays sports. It was so much fun! Have a great time on your weekend away.

    1. Thank you Donna! And thanks for stopping by.

  2. You've got a great list. I love that you've included small things (coffee and cream, small but so important!) and big things (family)!

  3. Coffee with cream makes me happy too! Happy Tuesday