Monday, January 12, 2015

For Today

Outside my window.........rain trying to turn into ice.

I am thinking..........about a movie I watched last night......."Things We Lost in the Fire".  There were so many things interwoven in this story, but a very simple one has stayed with me.  At one point a little boy asks his father what fluorescent means as they are putting their hands in a lit up pool of green water.  and the Dad says that it means "lit from within".  The little boy asks his Dad, "Am I fluorescent?"  And the Dad says with such love in his eyes...."Oh are!".  The movie goes on to show that no matter how badly we mess up or how badly we feel, each human being is lit up from within and needs to light the way for someone else.

I am thankful my son made it back to college safely and that I have a bonus week with my lovely daughter.

I am wearing jeans and my favorite shocking pink shawl sweater.

I am creating.....chaos in the dining room. Putting away my Christmas things.

I am going.... to auditions today for our high school's spring play.

I am wondering.......what life will be like after home schooling for so many years.  I saw a wonderful blog called "Reinventing Mother".  What a wonderful title! Now that my youngest are in high school and middle school, I have been thinking of that.  But as my funny brother-in-law would say:  "Don't think about that until it happens.....that is for Tomorrow Man."

I am hoping........for many things.

I am detach myself from things that don't matter objectively, but matter too much subjectively.  Too sensitive!  sigh!

Around the house........wreaths, ornaments, candles, boxes everywhere.  It was a great Christmas!

In the kitchen........all is quiet, but the scent of honey ham is still lingering.

A favorite quote for the day:  

"In general, try to exercise the charity upon others that you would so much appreciate, if it were bestowed upon you. If you are looking for happiness, you must be ready to walk the path of self-denial.  You can find happiness only by resisting the unruly inclinations of your passions, not by serving them."

I am reading........ the Little Women script.

One of my favorite things.......thick socks when first pulled over cold feet.

A peek into my day.............. 


  1. I just had to leave a comment when I saw the familiar Second Form Latin books! My daughter is presently in that Latin book too...actually she is doing a worksheet in Unit Review III right this minute. I love learning Latin alongside her.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for stopping by. That Latin program is on my list of things that are done WELL!!!