Friday, January 9, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: kind of Christmas still

1.  I received these wonderful votive lanterns for Christmas.  They are like jewels when lit.  I also love the beautiful flip book of the Mysteries of the Rosary that I received for Christmas!  Hurrah!

2.  Christmas is still up at our house!

3. A very competitive game of Settlers of Catan.  Thoughtful Child, usually so mild mannered and sweet, turns into a hard driving business mogul and DOMINATES the brick market to the chagrin of Youngest Child.

4. Our very innovative and oh so attractive solution for sealing the window air conditioning unit against the arctic air that has descended upon us in the last two days.  

5.  I am finding the instructions in my beginner knitting book to be incomprehensible....although it assures me on the cover that I can learn it in a day.  Then I remember how my older sister used to read the instructions and then SHOW me what they meant by doing it so I could see it.  Some learn by reading, some by seeing.  I need to go find someone to show me what knitting looks like. But I am determined to learn this year!

6.  I probably need to get out more......but I find these little packets of laundry soap to be one of the most fantastic and fascinating things I have ever encountered.  What a great great idea!!  My sincerest BRAVO to whoever came up with it!!!

7.  Taught Shakespeare today.  There is nothing like the rush of seeing understanding on a student's face when they realize what they are reading and they begin to revel in it.  Great joy!

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