Friday, January 2, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: New Year plus 1

1.  My aeronautical engineer brother made this wine holder for us.

  He is THAT brother who can tell you what gimbal lock is when you are watching the movie Apollo 13.  He also inherited the creative carpenter gene from my dear Dad, and has a penchant for slide rulers.  His answer for everything is F = MA     I really love this wine holder.  It reminds me of those old model planes on stands.  As the wine bottle gets lower you move the center up or down to keep the balance.  Pretty cool present.  Pretty cool brother. 
Creative Child has inherited that "look" from him. hee hee.

2. Creative Child and all his treasures he got for Christmas

3.  Went to see the movie "Into the Woods".  Is it just me or does this story make absolutely no sense at all?  I keep trying to wrap my head around it.  Some of the songs were quite catchy though: AGONY.And there IS the fact that Chris Pine is Prince Charming. But for the most part ????????????????????

4. In complete contrast to number 3, I was able to share one of my favorite movies with Thoughtful Child.  "After the Wedding" by Susanne Bier.  I got a basket full of her movies from my dear husband  for Christmas.  This one is perfection.  And if there is a muse of the human heart, she is it.  No tripe, no saccharine wrap up at the end, no CGI special effects.  Just realistic depth of character and other worldly acting!!!!  The kind of thing art is supposed to do - move you to the good.  

5. No New Year's resolutions yet.  I have been too busy navigating that week after Christmas.  Soon, though.  It will definitely include reading 24 books at least.  Not sure what yet, but will include The History of the Church by Daniel Ropps.  ASTOUNDING stuff.

6.  We have our annual Shakespeare Competition coming up this week.  I have been working with 5 very good candidates!  I look forward to sending any one of them to our citywide competition. 

Let's hear it for the Bard!  

7.  We begin auditions and rehearsals for Little Women soon.  That should be quite fun.  The spring play is always a bit bittersweet.  I always lose a few seniors who have been with me forever.  Sniff.  But life awaits them and that is a stage better than mine. 

Creative Child and I collaborated on an entry for Seven Quick Take's new logo over at This Ain't the Lyceum.  We got a runner up.  Very Fun!!!  Go check it out!!  

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