Monday, January 5, 2015

For Today.......the ordinary day

Joining up with The Simple Woman Daybook today:

Outside my window......snappy cold and sunny.  Just what you like to expect from January.

I am thinking.......that Mary and Joseph also settled into ordinary time after Jesus was born.  Angels, kings, a terrible few days of anxious flight from Herod and then.....ordinary time.  Although how ordinary could it be?  Given the great humility of Jesus, I would say very ordinary.  Cooking, cleaning, woodworking, watching Him smile and gurgle.  This is when it becomes so extraordinary to me.  That He chose to live just like ordinary time.

I am thankful..........for ordinary schedules and simple food again...and school starting up.....all those early January feelings.

I am wearing warm, black sweats and a yellow sweatshirt.

I am creating.....a program for my upcoming Shakespeare Competition and audition excerpts for the spring play.  Little Women this year.

I am a basketball game tonight and play practice tomorrow.

I am not to feel anxious about my kid's futures.

I am reading....."Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury.  I promised my son I would try some of his books this year in my reading.  It is very well written with great descriptions, and is also creepy as the title would suggest. 

I am hoping........for more detachment from things this year.

I am learning to...........KNIT.  Lovely Daughter gave me needles, a beginning book, and forest green (my favorite color) yarn for Christmas.  

Around the house........the tree is still up, the creche is still lit, and the lights still a festive air to our back to school day.  We keep it all up until The Baptism of the Lord, when He takes on the Father's Mission and Lent begins to rise far in the distance.

In the kitchen........Thoughtful Child is making eggs over easy with toast and coffee.  I love having him home if just for one more week. We had a nice conversational breakfast together:  Lovely Daughter, Thoughtful Child and Me.

A favorite quote for the day:  A Description of the Library in my Bradbury book:

"The library deeps lay waiting for them.  Out in the world, not much happened. But here in the special night, a land bricked with  paper and leather, anything might happen. always did....This was a factory of spices from far countries.  Here alien deserts slumbered. Up front was the desk where the nice old lady, Miss Watriss, purple-stamped your books, but down off away were Tibet and Antarctica, the Congo.  There went Miss Willis, the other librarian, through Outer Mongolia, calmly toting fragments of Peiping and Yokohama and the Celebes."

One of my favorite things.........a well turned phrase.

Plans for this, co op, science class, drama, and lunch with a friend.  


  1. The tree is still up at my house as well. It is hard not to feel anxiety about our kids' futures. My adult sons are grown and I still worry about them. Now, as I raise two grandchildren, I worry about them!

  2. I would bet going nuts with my tree still up this late...LOL Have a great week!