Friday, January 23, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

1.  One of the highlights of my husband's entire middle aged life happened the other night.  While dropping off our son, Active Child.....(the cool, athletic, snappy dresser one) a movie with his friends, one of the girls piped up and said, "Your dad is really cool!  He kind of walks the same way you do."  Active Child was incredulous as he straightened his neon jacket and fluffed his groovy hair.  "WHAT!?"  My husband, when he heard of this remark later, was equally incredulous for obvious middle aged reasons but recovered quickly and laughed very loudly indeed.  Will he ever let Active Child forget this?  Not likely.  But we both saw our son practicing a new kind of walk yesterday afternoon........You one cooler than the other?

2.   Youngest Child is waiting anxiously for baseball to begin.

  He is filling in the time with NBA stats and plays.  He started playing basketball this year and really likes it.  Coached in some skills by his older brother, he has practiced doggedly at the hoop down the alley and at his last game he made a three pointer!  We cheered wildly.  I think he was more surprised than anything.  This brings to mind my own short foray into sports when I made my first and only basket which came in the 6th grade.  A much taller and larger girl than me came charging for me and all I wanted to do was get rid of the ball out of fear.  It very much by chance went into the basket.  My illustrious career in sports ended that day in a glorious roar. Youngest Child's career seems like it will only get better!

3.  We are reading a life of Jesus together this semester.  It struck me anew this time around that the disciples who were called by Jesus actually turned right around and went to get brothers and friends to join them.  Andrew went to get his brother Simon, Philip told Nathaniel and John told James.  And they probably told people at the fish market and their fellow fishermen on the boats.  Word of mouth - person to person.  Their excitement was palpable.   Am I that excited?  That is a good question to ponder at a Holy Hour.

4.   The days are gray.  Sigh! Time for pictures of color. 

5.  Coffee helps almost everything.  Hurrah!

6.  The Pro life March in Washington D.C. looked amazing from the pictures.  My daughter marched with her college.  I have never been able to go on this march although my older kids were able to join buses over the years.  I think next year we will pack up the last three kids and head on out there.  BRAVO to all who made the trek.

7.  I really miss my oldest four kids. It really has hit home this year especially that they are not OURS but GOD'S.  You always know this in your heart, but when you see them becoming older, with ideas and dreams of their own, you actually understand it a little better.  And it is a bit of a cross to bear.  

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