Monday, January 26, 2015

For Today

Outside my window...gusty wind, cold, gray.  But little kids are laughing on their way to school so it sounds more sunny.

I am hard the "world" pushes in on kids.  Phones, does one protect them from the crazy and still show them the good to be found there?  "It's a puzzlement" as the King of Siam would say.   

I am thankful for the music of Beethoven.  I took Creative Child to the symphony this past week end and we were both transported to an amazing place with Beethoven's 8th Symphony and his Mass in C Major.  When the last note died out, we looked at each other and neither one of us had to say where our souls had been.....we just knew.  The Beethoven gene is strong in Creative Child, and I got it from my Dad.  

I am wearing my flowered nightgown.  It's early.....really!

I am creating......order in my kitchen.  I got these lovely, old time containers at Burlington.  Also some new containers for my baking things.  

I am going (went)..... to Penzey's Spice Shop with Tony.....happy, happy, smells, sights and new recipes.

I am reading.........still Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes".  He is a poet with prose!  

A favorite quote from the Divine Office today:

"Always speak and act as men destined for judgment under the law of freedom.  Merciless is the judgment on the man who has not shown mercy; but mercy triumphs over judgment. " James 2 12-13

I am hoping......all my kids find true and lasting joy and peace.

I am think more slowly, more carefully, and to reign in my sanguine nature. 

I am pondering........the power of kindness.

In my kitchen........a new recipe for Tomato Soup (thanks Pioneer Woman!), a delicious recipe for whole wheat cranberry bread found on the side of a whole wheat flour box I discovered  in the cupboard while cleaning.  See, the rewards of cleaning out your cupboards are great!!  Even my pickiest eater liked it!

One of my favorite things.......PURSES.........all kinds, any color. 

A peek into my day.........inspired by JODI! 


  1. I love, love, love purses!! Glad I could be an inspiration!!! Have a great week!!

  2. I used to have an obsession with purses. Up until I quit working and now I just have a cute little Vera Bradley wristlet. Loved your very organized pantry!

  3. I have an obsession with totes. I have too many, but actually they are all full of stuff I need to decide where to put. After my husband and I got married and moved in, there was suddenly no room in my room. Great job on the pantry, it looks wonderful. Keep those kids grounded in the Bible and church and even if the world pushing in on them, it will work out. He promises us that.

  4. Hi Denise! I'm visiting from the Daybook to say hello. Reading about your visit to the symphony reminded me that I actually love it too and need to check the local calendar for an event. Years ago, I saw "Carmina Burana" being performed and loved it....have you ever heard or seen it? If not, and you ever get the chance I'm certain you and Creative Child would love it! Have a wonderful rest of the week!