Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: SHOES

List ten pairs of shoes I own?  Hmm.  Funny story from long ago.  When I set off on my first trek to college in CA, my father had me fly and since my brother had just bought a used VW Bug, he was going to drive across the US to the same college.  Lucky me!  I promptly gathered all my 21 pairs of shoes (yes, believe it or not!) and put them in his car.  Long around Flagstaff, AZ his VW Bug breathed a sigh and died.  I wondered wryly to myself if the shoes were just too much for it!    My brother had to take it to a garage and to get to school on time, he had to take a bus with all my shoes in tow.  He made it on time and so did my shoes, but I was prepared for him to curse my name.  He wordlessly dumped them all at my dorm door with a look of total incredulity!  I am happy to report that today we still remain friends.  Since then, the list has diminished quite a bit.  But I think I can find ten.

1.  New Balance tennis shoes

2. The ugly, black, squishy, built for comfort tennis shoes that I exercise and hike with.

3. Earth Shoe clogs 

4. Black clogs

5. slippers

6.  black boots 

7. assorted and various flip flops

8.  pretty, "clicky" shoes, as my Lovely Daughter used to call dressy shoes

9. hiking socks (these count as shoes in my house)

10. going barefoot (also counts as shoes in my house)


  1. Oh how I miss my pair of earth shoes....and Birkenstock! Those were the days :)

  2. Earth shoes! Wow...that's a blast from the past. Love your pretty sandals.