Friday, February 20, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

1. It's Lent! Irish Oatmeal is a cookin' - it really is quite good! 

2.  If you ask my kids, they would tell you that I am not the hands on, project based, home school mom.  In fact, all you have to say is:  "glitter glue, hot glue guns, and the snack sign up sheet" to make me visibly shudder.  But today we actually went to a very nice "project" afternoon.  Each of the students had to do a talk on some aspect of the human body.   I helped Youngest Child with his project on the brain, and we cut and pasted........ with glue.......... (no glitter) and he did a very nice job presenting his project.  All the kids were great.  Sooooo, maybe I am ready to plug in that glue gun now..............nawww!

This was one of my personal favorites.  This group used one of their guys as a human felt board to present the respiratory system.  Very clever!

 3. Rehearsals for Little Women are in full swing.  The kids are doing really well.  There just isn't anything like drama to create that team effort!!  They work so hard, they push to improve, they memorize, they paint and build, they make each other laugh.  It is great stuff, drama!  

Marmee and the girls!

4.  I am determined to appreciate the taste of tea.  It will NEVER be coffee, mind you, but the concept of tea is intriguing.  Leaves and boiling water produce that flavor.  It is a very romantic kind of thing.  It makes me want to speak with an English accent and decorate with Waverly prints.  This morning:  English Breakfast.  Tomorrow:  Green Tea and Lemongrass. 

5.   I got a new purse in the mail today as a belated present from my sister in law.  It's snappy!  I like it!  

6. We are succeeding in our efforts to eat more healthy.  I am not one for fads.  I really thought the gluten free thing was just another "thing".  But I really think there is something to it. 

7.  Hope all are having a good Lent so far.  Resolutions are holding, by the grace of God!

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