Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Flowers from "the boys".  These remind me, during Lent, of the Gospel passage where Jesus tells us to fast with joy, washed face and good cheer, so the inner sacrifice will be known to Him in secret and He will repay in secret.  No gloom, no doom, but the best oblation of our hidden heart's core.

Well, as we were eating our Mardi Gras feast and finishing up with Dove Chocolates, here is what my message was.  God does have a sense of humor.  It was the perfect message for me and my Lenten resolutions.


The Lenten Oratory.  Creative Child drew this picture for me long ago and I found it in a drawer yesterday.  So, I framed it and it has become the center of our altar this year next to the palm tree that reminds me that Jesus lived in history, in a particular time and place with palms and rivers and deserts.  It keeps him from becoming a nebulous "other" in my mind.  These palms also remind me that I cannot just love Christ when all is grand and makes sense like on Palm Sunday.  I need to remember how fickle I can be when the Palm Sunday cheers die away, and I must be with Christ when it doesn't all make sense and He isn't popular and his cross is a scandal to the world.  It is one of those "Remember Man" moments.  The cross, the cross, not the cheers, not the easy road. 



  1. Those flowers are beautiful and what a great perspective.

    I usually roll my eyes at the messages on Dove's chocolates but you actually got a good one!

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  3. I had a good laugh at the Dove wrapper too! Your seminarian looks so joyful!!! Brings tears to my eyes--you all are in my prayers and I have written to my daughters to keep you all in their prayers as well. Creative Child did a great job on the drawing--it's perfect for your altar and I can definitely relate to what you mean about being fickle, thank you--God bless you and yours this Lent+

  4. Hi Kim! Creative Child is also praying for you and your girls. So glad we met you!