Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: How do I love thee, let me count the ways..........

Joining up with Carole for today's ten.  

Ten Things I Love

1.  I love a well turned phrase that comes trippingly off the tongue.

2.  I love theater in all its facets:  directing, acting, costumes, props, opening night feeling, the whole thing.

3.  I love when my kids all laugh with me in the living room at night over the day's exploits.

4.  I love bread right out of the oven with real butter.  Oh my!

5.  I love living in the heart of a city:  old sidewalks, brick houses, alleys, ancient trees, radiators, wood floors, basements with cellar holes, the way light falls through the old stained glass windows, the sound of buses.  

6.  I love poetry and the light it gives to an ordinary day.  It gives one the very real feeling that beauty lies beneath what we see, hidden, needing to be seen and heard, to be spoken. Poets see beyond the veil of the ordinary.  I love them.    Give me Shakespeare, Yeats, Hopkins, Dickinson as I sit on the back porch steps in the cold early morning with a cup of coffee!  Heaven. 

7.  I love the way my husband makes spaghetti, and the way he drinks his coffee.  

8.   I love when Eldest Child and Creative Child record music!

9.  I love that I have one Lovely Daughter in the midst of all my wonderful boys.  She's the best!

10. I love.............LOVE


  1. What a wonderful, packed-full list of lovely things! I especially love your stained glass photo; it's so nice to admire something colorful in these gray days of winter.

    1. Hi Bonny, Thanks for stopping by! May the gray days end soon!!

  2. I loved your list and all of your wonderful pictures. You have pictured love beautifully.

  3. What a wonderful list of things! (And now . . . I want some bread, fresh from the oven, with butter.)