Monday, February 9, 2015

For Today

Outside my window...........not cold, not hot............heard a Cardinal singing.......triggered the spring longing........but all in good time.  There is something very nice about this time of year.  

I am thinking..........approaching most things with a sense of humor makes your days more interesting and less stressful!

I am thankful for my sisters who sent birthday cards from far away.  It just made my day.  

I am wearing jeans and electric blue fleece with flowered socks!!

I am creating a new look for my bedroom........simple, and pared down to all the things that have defined our life thus far. 

I am going to the doctor with Creative Child.........he has a fever on and off with a bad cough.  It is going around!

I am wondering.......what to do with our home schooling next year.  It is the season of decisions once again!

I am reading.........cookbooks!  I love cookbooks.

Favorite quotes for this week:  The inimitable Jane Austen

"I have no notion of loving people by halves...My attachments are always excessively strong...I believe my feelings are stronger than anybody's; I am sure they are too strong for my own peace"
Northanger Abbey.

On greeting a new nephew:
"I give you joy of our new nephew, and hope if he ever comes to be hanged it will not be until we are too old to care about it."

In my kitchen.........a wonderful Turkey dinner with rice and apple stuffing.  Rice flour bread, and fruit and cheese for dessert.  An experiment in gluten free dining.  A two thumbs up by my kids!

I am wondering......after a trip to Whole many kinds of flour there can be...potato, garbanzo bean, brown rice flour.......who knew?????

I am pondering............the true humanity of Jesus.  How truly and utterly shocking is the humility of God made Man.  To feel bone tired, hungry, sad, dirty, and sick when you don't have to be.  To enter a world that you created so beautifully turned into a horror by the choice and ingratitude of your highest creation....Man.  Whenever I feel disappointment or sadness about being treated badly sometimes, I will try to remember how forgiving and long suffering is the beauty of God's love for us. 



  1. Jesus' humanity...a nearly incomprehensible and awesome thought. God made man! Praise God!

    Blessings on your homeschooling decisions...been there, done that!


  2. Your turkey dinner sounds delicious. Whenever I read cookbooks I get so hungry that I have to start cooking! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Paula,
      Cookbooks do that to me, too!!!! = ) Have a great week!

  3. I love cookbooks as well!! Have a great week!

  4. Lovely post... I, too, love cookbooks :) Hope your week is wonderful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, fellow cookbook lover!! Have a good week!

  5. I love reading cookbook compilations done by communities or churches. After my Grandmother passed some years ago, I ran across this cookbook called "White Trash Cookin'". It was awesome! It took me awhile to discover what a "cooter" was. Did you know it is a turtle? LOL Just awesome!

  6. Hi Hilary - I love those compilations, too. The best bran muffin recipe I have ever tasted comes from a cookbook my dentist put together once of all his family's favorites. It was his grandma's recipe! "White Trash Cookin" is a great name for a cookbook!! Thanks for stopping by!