Friday, February 6, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: News from the Patriarch

Thought I would invite the Patriarch of the family to try his hand at Seven Quick takes this week.  He has a very eclectic reading taste which never fails to fascinate me.  And he has a take on the world that is unique.  So, I will simply click the camera and let him do the talking this week!

1. If Jeb Bush gets pilloried for expressing sympathy for children of illegal immigrants who were brought here under-age -- I may not be as conservative a Republican as I used to be.

2. I find that I can watch baseball at any competent level, any team, any time -- the game is beautiful.  But basketball...I don't see the beauty and if one of my kids isn't playing I find the game repetitive and uninteresting.  (A thought abhorrent to Active Child and Youngest Child who adore it!)

3. Is it because beauty comes with a cost that the stars shine diamond bright in the winter sky but the cold drives us inside too soon?

4. Today is Denise's birthday and I think she liked her card.  It is always a challenge to find a card that strikes the right balance between cleverly funny and just a hint of, shall we say, spice?  (We must not shock the children!)

5. Last week I finished "Turn Right at Machu Picchu" by Mark Adams.  This was both a hilarious and thoughtful story of a deskbound fellow who decides to retrace the journey of Hiram Bingham, the "discoverer" of the Inca city in the clouds.

6. This week, my reading includes a book about the ancient "Mississipian" city of Cahokia.  Only a short drive East from here, we have visited only once, years ago.  We need to go again this spring and climb Monk's Mound.

7. The Inca book and the Cahokia book, along with reading "Dark Passages of the Bible" by Ramage and Larrimore's "The Book of Job," I see as somehow preparatory to tackling Robert Bellah's "Religion in Human Evolution" in a bit.


  1. Ha! Love the Mr.'s quick takes. He does indeed have eclectic taste in reading materials!~

    I have to agree with number 1 for sure! Certainly, there must be a better candidate the Republicans can get behind?

    Funny, I've always noticed when there is any celestial event worth taking a gander at, the outside temp is much to cold to enjoy it. Now I know why! ;)

    There Mama, I have added you to my blogroll. Thank you for your kind words regarding Sister Olivia. I will certainly pray for you and yours! I'll have to dig through here and read up on your lovely family. I've been here once before and recall loving it. One cannot go wrong with a friendship which has Tolkein and Austen in common, am I wrong!


  2. "Chere" was spelled checked to "there" and I neglected to catch it. Sigh. :)

  3. Hi Maruisa - thanks for stopping by here. Tony is tickled that he got a comment! No real name is Denise anyway! = ) Have a great week!!