Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

The mixture of Sycamore bark with Elm bark.  Even in winter, without leaves, sycamores are so beautiful in the winter sunlight!  


So, last night (for my birthday this week), Tony gave me a nice little hutch I found at the resale shop in the city.  I am trying to simplify my bedroom.  When you home school, and have a lot of children, you spend so many years "careening" as we like to call it around here.  Babies, toddlers, adoptions, Sports, projects, classes, college entrances, SATs, ACTs.  This year, however, is a year that is all quiet.  I have three safely in college and doing well, I have one out of college and launching into adult life quite nicely.  I still have three at home but only starting high school.  I feel myself breathing and slowing down a bit.  I am collecting memories and listening to Renaissance Music...I am reading poetry again........I am finding my inner room where I haven't visited much in the last few years.  This birthday hutch will be a place I put things that remind me of our lives together through the years...the years I couldn't stop to ponder much.  But now I can piece them together quietly and see the hand of God and His graciousness.  Things my Mom gave to me....things my children and Tony gave to books filled with beauty and light.....this will be my birthday present.  A hutch filled with a wonderful life. 

A miniature clock on top of lace made by my Grandmother Flossie
Every house I have lived in has had radiators.  I love them.  I couldn't afford the marble top for this one so I used my favorite Botanical Book instead.  The lamp came from my sister long ago. 
This holy water font came to us from my son's seminary.  They were renovating the upstairs and  replaced all the fonts with new ones.  Creative Child brought one home for me.  These have blessed many a seminarian over the years.  I consider it one of my treasures! 

The coat of arms drawn for Tony and Me by my son when we studied the Middle Ages.  The cross was my Dad's during college at Laval in Quebec Canada.  The dresser was the nursery dresser for all my brothers and sisters and me.  I refinished it once and it is very old and rickety, but it holds an honored place in the room.  
The bottom box is Tony's Grandmother's wedding silver box.  I use it for jewelry, but I love the look of it.  

{Funny and Real}

However, due to a surprise snowstorm last night, the hutch is ensconced in the back of the van until later this afternoon when my brawny movers get off work.

. So, wonderful lives are filled with things like this.  They make for good conversations later on..........


  1. Hi! Stopping over from LMLD...lovely idea for the hutch, to fill it up with heartfelt memories. Have a blessed birthda, Pax Christi+

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog picture is pretty darn funny! I'll bet you laugh a lot at your house.

  2. Hi, first time visitor here! Sounds like you're in a similar place in your life as me. I have 2 out of college, 1 about to graduate and 1 just starting, and 2 at home (7th & 10 gr). Its a lot quieter here than it used to be! I always loved having my children home for school, but I'm trying to find the goodness in this stage, too. God bless.

  3. Hi Sara - thanks for stopping by. It really does take some getting used to having them fly the nest one by one, but I think they are all headed for adventures and I look forward to hearing about them all and what God has in store for them!