Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

Ten Simple Pleasures

1. Dove Chocolates.........nuf said!

2.  Digging up the shelves at Good Will and sometimes buying useless but interesting trinkets.  It's such a rush!

3.  Starbuck's coffee.......oh my!  The first taste of that bold roast in the morning makes everythin' alright.  And.....okay......I confess the Caramel Machiato.

4.  Netflix.....one night I think we watched 5 "Call the Midwifes" in a row......and.....okay......Jericho.  I loved that show.  Am I crazy?

5.  Home School Curriculum catalogues.  I sit down and turn the pages slowly and look at all the possibilities. (while I am drinking the Starbuck's coffee). I suppose this is how we ended up with several spelling and math programs in the early years. "Oh, look at this one, and this one, and oh look at that one."

6. Expensive wrapping paper and Papyrus cards.  they are so expensive but so, so beautiful!  

7.  Tea cups, coffee cups, tea tins.......they make me feel a part of a more gracious and slower time.  

8.  An afternoon lost in the shelves at Barnes and Noble.  

9.  Rearranging the furniture in my house.  My husband never knows what will be changed when he gets home from work.  My French Canadian Mom calls it....."fait changement"....which loosely translated means making changes.  I like doing it.  So did she.  It keeps life spontaneous.  

10.  accessory shopping with my Lovely Daughter.  We try things on and oohh and aahh.  I think I have way too many accessories as a result.


  1. I could be loose in Barnes and Noble for hours and be content. Netflix is great for catching up on TV shows. I'm always so tempted to cancel it but then I remember why I like it so much!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Donna. It's that coffee smell mixed with book smell. It gets me every time.

  2. I agree with you about Netflix! It's just the perfect way to spend a cold winter evening, watching Netflix and knitting, with some great tea!

  3. I feel the same way about the Library as you do about Barnes and Nobel. But anymore I just read off my Nook Color....I must find my way downtown and visit the Library soon! Great list

    1. Libraries ARE amazing! Anywhere books can be found is amazing....

  4. All of those things sound wonderful. Especially the chocolate.