Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Pot of Gold

Joining up with Carole for Ten On Tuesday on this lovely St. Patrick's Day.  Ten things I would do if I found that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Image result for pot of gold
1. I would pay off all our kid's college loans.

2. I would pay off our house payment.

3. I would travel the Lake District in England with my Lovely Daughter.

4. I would take a sizable sum and start anonymously mailing money to hard working,  middle class families with lots of children just to lighten their worried hearts.

5.  I would buy my husband and Youngest Child Opening Day baseball tickets behind home plate with unlimited SNACKS.

6. I would have an outdoor party under the trees at a small winery in Italy and invite all my far flung family to meet there and catch up on all the years.  I would have Thoughtful Child read us his favorite lines from his favorite books as we sip our wine.

7. I would buy leather bound copies of all my favorite books.
8. I would pay the recording session fee for one of Eldest Child's future CD's and hold a concert for him in some incredible venue - maybe that small Italian winery.

9. By now the pot of gold is probably all gone, so I would plant flowers in the pot and put it on my back porch.

10.  Now I will sit on my back porch and look at all the photos of the Lake District, the Italian winery, the concert, and the baseball game. I will open one of my leather bound books, look at the pot of flowers and say, "My, that was fun!"


  1. I LOVE number 4. The middle class are usually forgotten about. It would be amazing to send some anonymous donations like that. Great list!

  2. I laughed out loud with you planting flowers in the pot! That is what I would do too!

  3. Unlimited snacks is a good one!

  4. I love #4 too! That would be so enjoyable to do! Maybe someday!