Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Ode to Professor Bhaer

We are in the middle of rehearsals for "Little Women of Orchard House" with my high school theater company.  So, I am dusting off my old Louisa May Alcott novels and remembering the wonderful world I entered when I read them long ago as a girl.  Some of her characters still remain on my short list of truly lovely individuals who I fervently wish were real. 
Uncle Alec, Aunt Peace, Aunt Plenty, Polly, Laurie, Marmee, Cousin Charlie, Cousin Mac..Archie, Phoebe......oh so many that I loved!  
But my very first "crush", so to speak, was on her quintessentially romantic character - Professor Friedrich Bhaer. 

 His hovel of an apartment filled with books, music, and shabby, overstuffed chairs.  His love of poetry and his love for Jo. 
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He loved her with respect and friendship as well as with romance.   He is pretty much the sole reason I resolved, at the age of twelve, to be a writer and live in an attic apartment listening to poetry and Beethoven with little coffee cups and shelves of tea tins. 
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This is all to say that Children's literature is quite, quite, powerful in its influence on the adults we become.  And, regretfully, I do not live in an attic apartment with dormer windows (sigh), but I found someone very much like Professor Bhaer when I got married because I knew what I was looking for, thanks to Louisa!  
Creative Child writes music for all my plays and when he played me the music he composed for Friedrich and Jo, I fully concurred with his muse.  If you share my own love for Friedrich Bhaer, I think you will agree that he would like his music very much.  Here it is for you to hear:

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