Friday, March 6, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: How we avoid cabin fever

Linking up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes.  She asked how we handle cabin fever during long, cold, snowy days.

1.  Closet Door Basketball.  Hours of fun ending in wrestling on the floor.  I haven't quite uncovered the rules of this game, but it sounds intense if you are right underneath it on the first floor watching the ceiling fan screws start to give way.  When it seems to be getting too wild, I just comfort myself with the idea that I can just neatly check off that PE credit for the day.

2.  Playing Clash of Clans - a crazy little game where my kids can meet their friends on line.  They get to play it on my tablet for 1 hour - if the snow gets thicker I relent and let them play for two.  I considered logging this as does involve clans..and clashes....but then I check out the little people on the screen.......douse myself with cold water and say, "Get a grip on yourself!"  This cannot in any way be spun as history. 

Image result for clash of clans
3.  Impromptu dance numbers while emptying the dish washer.  "Up Town Funk" is quite the catchy tune....brings back my swingin' 70's days....."Say WHHHat?"  Active Child just rolls his eyes in disbelief........I can never quite convince him that I was a pom pom dancer in high school...

4.  Rearranging the cupboards.  My French Canadian Mom calls it "Fait Changement".  Just for fun.....because we can..... rearranging.
It's an art form!  I call this particular arrangement "Lenten Still Life."

5.  Listening to those crazy, insane sports talk shows where everyone seems to be yelling and predicting things that will be proven wrong at the end of the baseball season.....Youngest Child just revels in them.......hmmm....can I log this?.........perhaps as a foreign language credit.  It's true they have a particular lingo all their own. ( I once heard a 5 minute rant concerning a ball player named Cobb that involved the metaphor of Cobb salad.  I had to give it to the guy.  He got more out of that metaphor than I thought he would.)  But what am I thinking.......I just can't log that......I must have cabin fever!

6.  Reading really has become fun for us.  Right now we are reading the Greek Myths. Those tricky Greek gods messing mercilessly with those poor humans.  Great Stuff!   Now, I CAN log that!  Hurrah!
Image result for zeus
7.  Gleefully doing a happy dance in my head that basketball season is................OVER!
Image result for snoopy dancing
And that is how we handle cabin fever!  But spring better come soon or I'll be logging the pest control guy's visit as science.

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