Friday, March 20, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

Joining up with Kelly at 7 Quick Takes today.  

Seven "Coming of Age" Movies I consider non-tripe, witty, and remarkable.  Movies every teen should see!!

1.  The Trouble With Angels
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     One of the BEST movies about nuns and vocations I have ever seen.  My kids love this movie. It never ever feels dated to us! The nuns are believable, good, kind, funny and love their vocation.  Plus, the movie has so many incredibly quotable quotes that can be used in every day living around our house.  We quote it all the time!

 2.  October Sky
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Making a dream a reality the true way:  perseverance, trial and error, a little grit, and a lot of help from friends and teachers. No magic or quick fixes here..just hard work.  This movie also gave a really great picture of the Father/Son relationship. 
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3. The Emperor's Club
A story about the fact that good teachers matter.  A story about character and how it is achieved or lost by our actions or omissions.  
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4. Swing Kids

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Standing up for right in the face of evil, and a son's discovery of the true greatness of his father. For older teens.

5. The Cowboys

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John Wayne at his very best.  And some loveable young cowboys.  Great story!! 
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6.  In A Better World

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A study of the power of love and forgiveness.  For older teens.  

7. Of Gods and Men

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The meaning of vocation and choice.  The power of grace.

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  1. Oh, how had I forgotten The Trouble With Angels? I adore Haley Mills, and now I simply MUST find that movie and watch it ASAP! I haven't seen Ina Better World, so I'll have to check into that for my 16yo son. Thanks for the tips!!