Thursday, March 26, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} : Old Haunts in New Faces

I went back to my old college this past week end.  I have the singular blessing of having two of my sons attend the same college as I did long ago (emphasis on LONG ago).   I took a walk around the campus so changed now, but still full of that same intellectual spirit and enthusiasm that I fell in love with as an 18 year old.   It still lingers everywhere.  My son's friends are full of that same wonderful spirit.  I was blessed in so many different ways that were indeed Pretty, Happy, Funny, and Real.  


Getting to see Thoughtful Child act again.  He and a good friend directed a production of Shakespeare's Othello.  It was outstanding! 

"Funny and Real"
Attending Thoughtful Child's thesis defense.  He managed beautifully to defend his topic before three very inquisitive and highly intelligent tutors from the college.  He emerged triumphant receiving high marks for a job well done.  Here we are celebrating right after he got his grade!
It was a beautiful, hopeful place in a new time and in new faces.  Deo Gratias!


  1. What and absolutely stunningly beautiful campus!

    Number 4 daughter is reading Julius Caesar as I type. She is really enjoying it and quotes from it daily. LOL! I think we would have truly enjoyed your son's production of Othello.

    Congratulations on a successful thesis defense! Truly impressive!

  2. Hi Maurisa,
    Tell #4 daughter that my favorite quote from Julius Caesar is the lamentations of Cassius that Caesar is just a man like everyone else....I think it is in ACT I. Shakespeare is genius! All the right words in all the right places!