Tuesday, March 31, 2015

St. Cyprian says it best

 On this Tuesday of Holy Week, I chanced to take down a very worn old notebook with quotes I have gathered over the years.  My eye fell on this one by St. Cyprian.  Martyr.  Lover of Christ.  Sterling example of bravery to his flock.  His words gave me courage today.  Blessed be God in his Angels and in His Saints!

"All Christ did, all he taught, was the will of God. Humility in our daily lives, an unwavering faith, a moral sense of modesty in conversation, justice in all acts, mercy in deeds, discipline, refusal to harm others, a readiness to suffer harm, peaceableness with our brothers, a wholehearted love of the Lord, loving in Him what is of the Father, fearing him because He is God, prefering nothing to Him who prefered nothing to us

 Clinging tenaciously to His Love, standing by his cross with loyalty and courage whenever there is a conflict involving His honor and His Name

Manifesting in our speech the constancy of our profession and under torture, confidence for the fight, and in dying, the endurance for which we will be crowned - THIS is what it means to wish to be a coheir with CHRIST, to keep God's command; this is what it means to do the will of the Father."

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