Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snaps from a "long time walk"

Easter Sunday was glorious here in our good old Midwest!  We decided to go for a hike.  On the way over to the park, Eldest Child laughingly reminded Youngest Child of what he used to say at the age of three or four about hikes.  He would jump out of the van, look around and sigh, "Ohhhhh no, is this another long time walk?"  Since he is the youngest, every one of his older siblings has a cornicopia of ready memories of some "cute" thing he did as a babe. Poor guy!  He hasn't got a  chance! It is quite wearing on the dignity most important and cherished by a twelve year old.  But he takes it with good grace, and I am happy to report, he has come to really love "the long time walk" in his "old age".  

We fortified ourselves with COFFEE (yippeee, hurrah, yahoo, ALLELUIA) which, as you can perhaps tell, we gave up for Lent.  And we broke open a bag of Starbursts and passed it around.  With this breakfast of champions, we piled into the van ready to climb.   

 Dancing Child (in the blue hood) just loves the outdoors.......can't you tell? 

 We skipped rocks......an absolute must whenever water is to be found.  Active Child is still the champion.  SEVEN skips with one rock.  Lovely Daughter was not far behind!  

 Tony, in his red shoes ablaze with glory.  While I was visiting Thoughtful Child, Active Child convinced him to buy these shoes.  When I got home, he wore them to the airport!  I think he wears them well!!  It will be interesting to see, now,  if Active Child can one day convince him to wear a neon track suit...I'll keep you posted! 

 Eldest Child is preparing to walk the pilgrimage of St. James of Compostela in Spain later this spring with a friend.  He has been taking ten mile hikes to prepare for the journey of 300 miles or so across the mountains from France to Spain.  So this "long time walk" was a piece of cake for him. 

This Child will never get lost in the woods!  We can spot him ten miles away!  

 Creative Child dreaming up a poem or two, no doubt.

Dancing Child strikes a pose on a log spanning the creek!  This child can dance anywhere, anytime.  

 This was a very fine symbol of what happens when we don't bend with our sufferings but rail against them and refuse to let them form us.  We break!

 And so we accomplished our task, piled into the big white van, went home, and rejoiced with more Starbursts and Skittles and thanked Jesus for rising from the dead for us and allowing us the health and heartiness to take all those "long time walks" both in our physical and our spiritual lives. 

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  1. You have my utmost respect and admiration for having given up coffee for Lent!! :-)