Thursday, April 9, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Alleluia!

The Easter Triduum still lingers here this week  as the lilies send wafts of that incredible Resurrection smell throughout the house.  There is still candy, cookies, and Easter cake floating about the kitchen.  We are reveling in an extra afternoon COFFEE break together.  And today two disciples walked and talked with Jesus at Emmaus and discovered the wonder of  Him ALIVE in the breaking of the bread.  I love this season of the Church, so full of bright hope, uncontained joy, rushing grace, bold proclamations, fire, water, incense, and Alleluias spoken in bright abandon!!  One of my friends brought her little girls to the Easter Vigil.  When the bells began to ring at the Gloria and the candles were all lit throughout the Church, the oldest of the girls said to her Mom:  
 "Oh, it is all so happy!"  I understand that sentiment exactly.  Here are a few pretty, happy, funny, and real moments that Easter brought.




 Comparing translations!  Clearly there is a preference here!

That "yes, there is a chocolate egg melting in my mouth right now" smile 

An Easter Day in the woods

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! Happy Easter!! Alleluia!! He is Risen!!