Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten simply delightful things

Joining up with Carole for Ten on Tuesday. This week's topic: "Ten everyday things that delight you".

1. Picking out plants every spring for my front and back porch pots.

2. Candlelight. 

3. The sound of coffee brewing.

4.  An open window in the early morning and the way the wind lifts the curtains.

5. The smell of new mown grass

6.  Little kids giggling uncontrollably.

7. The smell of old books when they are opened after a long time on the shelf.

8.  The taste of salt (yes, I know it is bad for you) but yum!

9. The excited feeling of packing a suitcase for an upcoming trip.

10. Watching bare old trees get their first green fuzz of new leaves. 


  1. I love your delightful sights, sounds, and scents!

  2. Great list - candlelight and the breeze moving the curtains are especially good ones!

  3. candlelight and candles - two of my loves! And the trees budding! I've been watching that all week on my walks!

    Linda in VA

  4. Coffee and old books, yes please!!