Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I would say in a Commencement Address

Joining up with Carole today for Ten on Tuesday:

10 things I would say in a Commencement Address

1.  Pray always.  Again I say, pray.  It gives the right perspective to life.

2.  Be kind and hang out with humble people.  Don't be a mover and a shaker in the worldly sense.  Move and shake things quietly and genuinely with your own talents and abilities.  One does not need to be famous to make a huge difference.

3.  In making friends, be circumspect. Don't surround yourself with lots of people just to keep from being lonely.   There may be times of loneliness while you wait for the true friends, but they shall surely come.  Jesus will not leave you orphaned or alone.  He will send who you need and who needs you at the proper time.  Trust this.

4.  Sometimes do things that seems crazy or impossible.  I have had some amazing experiences when I have stepped off cliffs in Faith.  

5.  Read actual, touchable books, learn how to listen carefully to music, but also sit in silence sometimes.  

6.  Don't amass lots of stuff!  Make your house or apartment simple but also fill it with things you love (not what you think other people might love or expect).  Let people come to your home and feel peace. Be hospitable.

7.  Do a job you love!  Not necessarily a job that makes a ton of money.   Whatever it is, do it.  It will make all the difference.

8.   Be grateful to your parents.  Really grateful.  Ask their advice.  They have some to give.  

9.  Be content and happy.  Don't worry about the future crosses that will come, or the trials.  You will be equipped to carry them and weather them.  Trust this.

10.  Stay very close to your brothers and sisters.  Don't lose touch with them.  They will be your best friends when the trials hit.  They know you very well.  And they will love you through thick and thin.......they already have thus far.  


  1. You've composed a very thoughtful list, full of valuable truths. The current concept of celebrity (and celebrity worship) is one of my pet peeves, and I would love to see more people heed #2. I also love how happy your graduate all those surrounding him are!

  2. This is truly lovely, and each thing is a valuable thing to know. (We should start a business giving commencement speeches ...)

  3. Good advise, and to be kind, that is SO lacking in today's society.

  4. Wow--what a wonderful list. And I completely agree about keeping close ties to family. As I get older, my sisters are my best friends.

  5. Some really good pictures. I love the advice of doing a job you really love, even if you won't make a lot of money. If you love what you are doing your work will always be something you love. There is a quote out there like that somewhere!

  6. Aww love the sibling advice. Very true. Our siblings know us well

  7. Great list!! #2 speaks volumes, it's been something we've been discussing a lot lately. Congratulations to your grad, may God bless and guide him as he goes forth!